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2kW Solar Power System With 2kWh Storage



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Residential Commercial


This package is ideal for a home with 1 people / an average bill of approximately $200-$250 per quarter. A 2kW solar power system in Victoria will produce a yearly average of 8kWh per day. This electricity is available for use during the day.
The electricity not used during the day will be stored in the battery bank. With this system the maximum available battery storage is 2kWh. For example; from the daily production of 8kWh(2kW) if 4kWh is used during the day the balance of 2kWh will be stored in the battery for later use. The excess 2kWh left after fully charging the batteries will be fed in to the grid.

Solar With & Without Energy Management System

A solar power system without a battery will be producing maximum electricity possible from the solar panels and will be sending all the electricity back to the grid if not consumed. On the other hand a solar power system with a battery bank will be producing electricity and storing electricity which is not consumed.

*Disclaimer: The above is just an illustration only. It is meant to provide information to our customers as an indicative guide, it does not consider all possible parameters. These calculations should not be used as a basis for a decision.