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Ocean Grove Golf Club is a Golf Club in Ocean Grove, Victoria.

Through the installation of solar, the club had a vision to reduce their operational cost. Reduction of dependence on conventional energy grid supply during peak periods and reduction of greenhouse emissions were also key aims of the project. Through a competitive process, the club sought to engage specialists to design and install the solar power system. Critical to the design process was the consideration of site, climate and program constraints. A thorough system design summarizing work methodologies was required to most effectively utilize the existing roof structure and maximize the electricity output of the system.


Ocean Grove Golf club wanted to offset some of the peak electricity usage thereby reducing their operational cost. They also wanted the system to become an iconic feature and wanted to send an environmental message to all.


All our equipments and materials for installation were delivered to the site. Safe work methodologies prioritised considerations of public access and plant movement throughout the installation phase. The 15kW system comprised 60 ReneSola 250 watt panels and a SMA STP 15000TL inverter, which would cover an area of around 60 square metres.


The photovoltaic solar panel array was installed in April of 2014 with expected power production of 1825kWh per month. The system was designed to offset some of the annual power bill with an average savings of around $450 per month over 30 years expected life of the system. The system will pay for itself in approximately 3 years.


“I am the President of the Ocean Grove Golf Club in Victoria. Recently we decided to investigate the proposal of installing Solar Panels to the roof top of our Club house to save us money running our Club.

We decided to get four quotations from reputable companies, the lowest price was not the final decision maker – we wanted a reliable company that would provide us with the right advice and service.

After consideration of all the quotations and their advice, the decision was not hard to make, we settled on “aus1 ENERGIS”; their price was the lowest, but more than that they provided detailed advice on their product and how it would save us money and how the system would pay for itself in just over 3 years.

Once they were given the job they did not hesitate to get started on the project. The work was done within two weeks of approval, I was extremely happy with their installers – everything seemed to go like clockwork and their staff were friendly and helpful.

I would not hesitate in recommending aus1 ENERGIS to anybody as the work they do is very well priced and the service is excellent.”

Colin Stephens


Data Provided by Colin Stephens, President of Ocean Grove Golf Club

The photovoltaic solar panel array was installed in April of 2014. The system was designed to offset some of the annual business power bill with an average savings of around $450 per month over the 30 year expected life of the system. In March of 2015 Ocean Grove Golf club saved $ 887 and in total OGGC saved $ 6,248 for the last one year. Find below the Solar Power Savings report sent by Ocean Grove. The system will pay by itself in less than 3 years as committed by Aus1 Energis while installing the system last year.




($887 for March)

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