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Energis News with Sheridyn!

It IS A STEEP ROAD AHEAD WITH continuing GRID ELECTRICITY PRICE RISES FORECASTED! Hi all, I am sure the recent spike in grid electricity prices has not gone unnoticed. At the beginning of 2017 Victoria alone has experienced price increases of up to 11.5% for households, and even worse

Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

And the answer is… not as much as you might expect. Solar panel systems have no moving parts so fortunately, there is little maintenance required for your solar panel system. In Australia, we don’t face the problem of dust and soot reaching our solar panels, whereas in countries

10 Energy Savvy Tips to Halve Your Electricity Bill

You don’t need to dread the day your electricity bill arrives in your post box. Here are 10 easy ways to significantly reduce your electricity usage! The Standby Mode Leaving inefficient appliances on standby can incur huge electricity costs. Appliances such as televisions, DVD