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What does being “CEC Approved Solar Retailer” mean?

Energis is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar retailer. But what does it mean exactly? The CEC is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia and represents leading businesses operating in solar and other renewable energy systems. The Clean Energy Council ensures

Take control of your electricity bills and go solar in 2018

Let us change for the better this new year with a Green Resolution. Many people think about going solar but are waiting for the best time to take the step, maybe expecting prices to drop. But delaying the decision doesn’t necessarily mean you will be saving money… There are many advan

Agricultural Movement to Solar!

Farmers across Australia are investing in renewable energy sources to reduce its operational costs! Farmers and lobby groups are changing to renewable energy to cut their electricity costs after electricity bills are set to rise. National Irrigators Council Chief Executive Steve Whan

Byrners Motorcycles has reduced their energy bill by up to 85%!

Contact Energis today and ask about our Summer Specials to maximise your savings! With the cost of electricity on the rise, Director of Byrners Motorcycles Adam O’Byrne, was worried about their energy consumption cost. Consequently he decided to make their own electricity for their Su

How does solar battery storage work?

If you are thinking of investing in battery storage with your solar system, or you want to add battery storage to your current solar system, then you need to read this article! The conventional solar energy system includes solar panels and an inverter. These solar panels absorb energy

Solar will become the cheapest source of electrical power!

Solar power is the only way to go! Every day we are seeing lower prices being achieved for solar power and it is becoming a source of energy more affordable than coal and natural gas. New solar energy projects are emerging for developed countries by accelerating their funding to renew

China is leading the way in solar power production! 

China is the world’s largest producer of solar power! China is the most heavily populated country on Earth, with a massive population of more than 1.3 billion people. So it is no surprise they are also one of the most contaminated countries in the world! The fact that only 1% of China

Western Australians are installing solar panels at a record rate

The low cost of solar has encouraged many to turn to green! In WA there is an increased number of solar panels being installed for households and business as a result of recent electricity price hikes. At the same time, the cost of solar panels and storage systems are falling sharply.

Types of Solar Power Systems

Which system is right for your home or business? Each day in 2016 around half a million solar panels were installed worldwide. Solar power is arguably the cleanest and most reliable form of renewable energy available, and it can be used in several forms to help power your home or busi

Are Solar Roof Tiles Changing the Face of Rooftop Solar?

  It seems that every day the world of solar cell technology is changing. As time goes on, solar energy becomes more and more advanced and more and more people are using solar energy in their lives. We all know about solar PV panels for rooftops, but solar roof tiles are still a relat