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Off-grid power system supplies electricity to properties that are not connected to the Grid electricity network. These systems are often referred to as “stand-alone power system” (SAPS), or “remote area power systems” (RAPS).

These systems are independent power stations capable of powering a wide range of applications with dependable and reliable electricity that is no different to that supplied by the national electricity grid. Whether it be for a small, large new, existing home, a station, business or an entire community that depends on large diesel generators, off-grid stands alone power systems are the reliable, clean, hassle free and cost competitive answer!

How Does It Work?

Stand alone power system supply electricity to properties that are not connected to the public electricity network.
Electricity generated by solar panels either directly powers your electrical loads or charges batteries via an inverter/ charger controller. At night, the inverter supplies the energy stored in the battery bank. When the sun comes up the next day, the cycle begins again.
There are two different ways of configuring a remote are power system; these are known as AC-Coupling and DC-Coupling, each having their unique advantages. The configuration type will have an impact on the life expectance, efficiency and flexibility of your system. Contact us for more information.

Off-grid System Components

A stand alone power system consists of 4 core components:

  • Solar Panels
  • Battery Bank
  • Energy Management System (Includes the Inverter Charger)
  • Backup Generator (Optional)