Smart Energy Solutions

Survive the Seasons by Replacing the Redundant Gas Network

Winter is Coming!… And then Summer is coming! Australians get their fair share of hot weather in summer and with climate change, it’s only going to get hotter and more expensive. But what can we do? Replace the old ineffective gas network for state-of-the-art solar systems of co

Indian railway to adopt Solar Energy Solutions

Chennai trains Choo-choo-choose Solar! The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) has launched a new project in association with IIT Madras to design coaches that will use solar panels to power train air conditioners and interior lighting. India’s railway system is the largest in the world and

Solar Shopping Centre Pioneers

Shoes, purses, jewellery… experimental solar air conditioning?  It’s not your typical shopping centre fitting but that’s exactly what’s being installed at the Stockland Wendouree shopping centre in Ballarat. The announcement was made after $500,000 worth of federal funding was approve

The Future of Air Conditioning is in the Sun

What sort of places should we look to when trying to cool down our homes in summer? The North Pole? Iceland? How about the hottest place in our solar system? The Air Conditioning landscape is rapidly changing due to advancing technologies in Solar Air Conditioning, creating large ener