Smart Energy Solutions

Solar Off-Grid Power System

If you’re not happy with your electricity provider’s expensive bills or you depend on generators because the grid won’t come to you, then consider the other option. Solar Off-Grid Power System. Adding Solar for energy generation is the first step, adding Battery Storage to contain exc

Hybrid solar battery systems can reduce power bills

A recent survey in Australia revealed 34% of respondents were considering installing solar panels and 27% are contemplating battery storage The new generation of batteries has improved the technology and significantly reduced the cost of battery storage to make it more affordable for

How does solar battery storage work?

If you are thinking of investing in battery storage with your solar system, or you want to add battery storage to your current solar system, then you need to read this article! The conventional solar energy system includes solar panels and an inverter. These solar panels absorb energy

Western Australians are installing solar panels at a record rate

The low cost of solar has encouraged many to turn to green! In WA there is an increased number of solar panels being installed for households and business as a result of recent electricity price hikes. At the same time, the cost of solar panels and storage systems are falling sharply.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Coming To Australian Households

  Exciting new battery product for solar power technology to come to Oz later this year! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for and after a lot of hype and discussion; Tesla has announced that the new Powerwall battery will be ready for Australia later this year. Tesla wants to see

Dr Finkel to Move Australia to Zero Emission Energy Production

  Big words from Dr Alan Finkel- introduced as Australia’s new Chief Scientist by Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Dr Finkel is a huge advocate for solar power and a ‘coal free’ Australia. His new role will be strongly targeted towards the future of Australia’s energy and his id

Batteries for Solar Panels

In today’s times, batteries for solar energy storage systems are now better than ever before. Although it’s important for you to do your homework and thoroughly research which batteries are right for your system and the amount of electricity you use. Let me break it down for you… Type