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Breaking down the choice of selecting a suitable inverter!

A solar panel installer will usually peruse the energy bill and inspect a variety of satellite images of a property, prior to meeting on site. The variety of images is to assess the shading issues at different times of the day and year. Shading can be caused by aerials, plant and equi

What Affects The Cost Of Solar Panels

A common question is “How many panels do I need to wipe out my bill?” The answer -“It depends on your daily energy consumption, your roof, shading, condition of your switchboard, your local distribution business’s constraints and your energy retailer’s peak and off-peak prices. Also u

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How sustainable is your businesses energy consumption? Find out with Energis! Rising electricity prices got you stressed? Have you ever thought about the idea of installing Solar Panels to lower your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint? How about LED lighting to also re

Answer YES to these questions? You should install Solar!

In recent years we have seen Australians seem reluctant to embrace solar power systems. If it weren’t for the generous Federal Government rebates started circa 2004, the continuation of the creation of renewable energy certificates and the feed-in tariffs offered to early adopters of

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Attention Energy Users! Our Solar Survey takes less than 2 minutes! We are conducting a quick survey to gather information about what Australian’s actually know about Solar Energy and Solar Power Systems. A contributing factor to why renewable and sustainable energy is not our #

Why are Solar Panels Beneficial for Homes?

Imagine your home generating 100% renewable and clean energy, reducing carbon emissions and also reducing the cost of your electricity bill at the same time. Imagine your home with sleek and stylish solar panels on the rooftop generating electricity for your consumption. Australia is

#Awesome Autumn Offer with Energis!

Beat the summer rush and benefit from your Solar System during the winter months! As the leaves change colour and fall from the trees, covering the ground in a crisp orange and brown carpet, it is evident autumn is approaching. Many people believe because the weather is getting cooler

What are Solar Panels made of?

Most people now know what solar panels are and what they do. Solar panel technology has come a long way and more and more people understand what solar panels are designed to do and what the benefits are of solar panels. But little thought really goes into what solar panels are actuall

Calculate Your Savings!

Solar calculators with Energis At Energis we think it’s important to calculate the Return on Investment for a Solar Power System. Understanding the Return on Investment will also help you calculate the size of the system that is most suitable for you! The larger the system, the higher

Solar Solutions for Your Home or Business

Solar solutions are an excellent solution to saving energy for your home or business. Whether you’re a parent with a busy household or a business owner consuming huge amounts of energy, a solar power system will help you keep those high electricity costs at bay. Fortunately, solar sol